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k o n z i l i u s offers you services for effective intra-firm conflict management.

Unsettled conflicts between individuals and groups disrupt cooperation of teams and inhibit the optimalization and effectiveness of daily operations. In Germany, the economic damage of unresolved conflicts in the workplace totals an approximate 50 billion euros anually, and this is an upward trend.

Conflicts are common

  • between superiors and staff (hierarchy conflicts),
  • inside of and between teams,
  • among executives (strategy conflicts).

Outcome for the personel

  • Staff is frustrated and demotivated.
  • Working atmosphere worsens.
  • Communication breaks down.
  • Efficiency declines significantly.
  • Staff sick-leave increases.
  • Staff members voluntarily resign.
  • Top performers leave the company.

Consequences for the company

Higher costs because of

  • sub-par performance (loss of motivation for productivity),
  • absenteeism (increase of sick-leave),
  • staff turnover (depreciated reputation).

k o n z i l i u s supports you in lowering these costs!

You'll find out how this works here. Under the categories financial market and health care market you can find industry-specific information.


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