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Man is the measure of all things.

People are constantly confronted with conflict situations of various intensity.

Understanding how to deal with conflict is the beginning of its resolution.


  • Being informed and talking about approaches is the first step towards a solution!
  • Working impartially creates trust on both sides!
  • Systemic thinking goes beyond superficial conflict management and ensures enduring solutions!

As the supporting third of  k o n z i l i u s , we contend that:

  • Each person has within himself the solution to the conflicts he/she is experiencing.
    Each  k o n z i l i u s team-member has to orient himself to the individuality of each person, in particular to his abilities and decisiveness regarding the manner in which the handling of his conflict can be self-determined.
  • Every person, who is looking for solutions for himself or a group, is treated with respect and appreciation.
  • The worth of each individual is not up for consideration, but being respected by each  k o n z i l i u s  team member.

The handling of people in conflict situations assumes that  k o n z i l i u s  team members have:

  • Clarity of methodology and targets.
  • Psychological maturity and health.
  • Professionalism.
  • Respect for professionalism and competence of the other colleague (interdisciplinary thoughts and actions).
  • Systemic thinking: Every reaction, comment and attitude of a person reflects coherent and mutually dependent communication levels.

Thereby, all  k o n z i l i u s  team members have to achieve the following tasks:

  • Disclose and clarify systemic conditions and accurately undergo an analysis with the use of the aforementioned standards.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality at all times.
  • Only pass on results prematurely to facilitate progress of the current task.
  • Evaluation, inspection and critical reflection of conflict resolution among the  k o n z i l i u s  team.
  • k o n z i l i u s  team members enforce the standards among themselves through supervision.

Boundaries of conflict resolution:

  • The constitutionally protected law of human dignity and its role in individual protection laws.
  • Individual labour-law protective provisions, collective-judicial participatory structures and legal foundations.



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